Buzz, Buzz! Giant Insects Landing at Wetland Center

When it comes to insects, most of us are both familiar and unfamiliar with them. You can find insects everywhere. But it’s hard to have a clear understanding of their physical structure. In this case, the giant insect exhibition emerged inevitably.

People never thought they would see an insect even bigger than a child. But this really did happen on our client’s site – a Wetland Center. They hold the big bug exhibition and became the official world record holder for the World’s Largest Bug Hotel at 18.46 cubic meters this year.

The giant bionic insects shown in the exhibition include bees, butterflies, ladybugs, dragonflies, ants, and grasshoppers all animatronic with lifelike movements and vivid sound effects. Visitors can observe the bugs’ tentacles, chewing mouth parts, wings, and legs easily and clearly.

Videos here showing the movable insects:


animatronic giant ladybug

Giant Insect Exhibition – Animatronic Giant Ladybugs >>

animatronic giant dragonfly

Giant Insect Exhibition – Animatronic Giant Dragonfly >>

animatronic giant bee

 Giant Insect Exhibition – Animatronic Giant Bee >>

animatronic giant butterfly

Giant Insect Exhibition – Animatronic Giant Butterfly >>

After the wonderful big bug tour, children were obsessed with the whole new world of discovery, the unforgettable educational experience took them systematic knowledge which can’t be learned at school. What’s more, the exhibition arouses the children’s curiosity about nature.

If you are interested in holding a similar exhibition, don’t forget to let us know. A detailed proposal will be offered as per your site and budget.