Where to Buy Tailor-Made Dinosaur Costumes

Just imagine all of the things you could do with a realistic dinosaur costume. Here are a few examples:

  • You could be the life of any birthday party or Halloween bash.
  • On April Fools’ Day, you could scare a coworker who’s been annoying you.
  • You could be your dog’s prehistoric buddy.
  • If your son or daughter wanted to film a dinosaur movie, you could be the star.

There are many more possibilities when it comes to these costumes. Naturally, these outfits also have academic applications. If you work at a school, they could become part of a play or an educational presentation.



What to Look For 

Not all dinosaur costumes are equal in quality. Thus, you should seek an ensemble with certain features.

For a complete illusion, you’ll need a costume covers your entire body, especially your legs. On top of that, a lifelike face and physique will really convince people that a dinosaur is in their midst. If the details — from the fearsome teeth to the scaly tail — are realistic, those you run into might tremble in your presence.

Of course, your costume should fit your budget as well as your body. Further, you don’t want any materials that will irritate your skin or leave marks.



What My Dinosaurs Can Provide 

The tailors and artists at My Dinosaurs meet all of the above qualifications, and their costumes offer many other benefits.

First of all, the “dinosaur skin” that these craftspeople produce is astounding. It looks and feels just like the genuine article, but it’s surprisingly comfy to have on. In fact, this material is exclusive to the company.

These dino costumes are durable as well. In part, that’s because they have a framework that’s made of stainless steel. For good measure, these items are damp-proof and waterproof.

For extra peace of mind, these products come with warranties. Plus, you can get a costume that comes with a strong case, one that will protect the garment as you travel from place to place.

Be aware that you’ll always get a tailor-made dinosaur costume from this brand. That is, the outfit you order will be designed to fit the specific weight, height, and measurements of the person who’ll wear it.



Safety and Showmanship 

My Dinosaurs offers accessories that really enhance the safety of its costumes. They include a speaker, a camera with an LED display screen to let you see where you’re going, a fan for cooling you off, and a battery with a charger. It’s a comprehensive and convenient package.

Also, My Dinosaurs sells costumes that two people can wear together. These outfits depict dinosaurs that walked on four legs. They’re terrific for couples, close friends, and people who’d like to get to know each other better.

In science fiction books and in the movies, dinosaurs can return from extinction and interact with humans. In real life, the closest thing to those stories is when someone puts on a My Dinosaurs costume and roars at everyone in sight. The people who encounter that menacing yet lovable beast will remember the experience for a long time to come.