Where To Buy High Quality Animatronic Dinosaurs

With over 20 years producing the highest quality, reasonably priced simulation models, My Dinosaurs Culture and Arts Co., Ltd. is the place to go if you’re in the market for a high quality animatronic dinosaur. With an extensive selection of products and a commitment to realism and quality, My Dinosaurs offers the finest animatronic simulations available, all at a reasonable price. For entertainment or for education, My Dinosaurs is the way to go!

Who is My Dinosaurs?

Based in Zigong City in China’s Sichuan Province, My Dinosaurs Culture and Arts Co., Ltd. is a highly professional manufacturer of simulation models. With a passion for dinosaurs, everything they do is geared towards providing you with the highest quality product. Even the location is no accident! Zigong City is famed worldwide as the “hometown of dinosaurs.” A mecca for paleontologists, in the 1980s a massive and historic discovery of dinosaur fossils was made mere miles from the city center, bringing experts and scientists streaming in from all over the world. That stream hasn’t abated since! The site of the first museum dedicated exclusively to dinosaurs on the Asian continent, Zigong City’s unique situation means that dinosaurs aren’t just a business for My Dinosaurs: dinosaurs are part of their heritage.



What Makes My Dinosaurs Products So Great?

My Dinosaurs is committed wholeheartedly to providing the best animatronic dinosaurs on the market. To that end, My Dinosaurs employs a number of strategies to ensure that their products are the best on the market in terms of realism and quality.

  • Prototypes

With a huge selection of scientifically vetted prototypes and skeletons to work from when designing an animatronic, My Dinosaurs closely follows the best and most up to date understanding of how the animals lived and moved, to ensure maximum realism. You can be certain that when you purchase a high quality animatronic dinosaur from My Dinosaurs, the product is going to move and look the way the real animal would move and look if you snatched it straight out of the Mesozoic era, because it was designed in manufactured from science’s most up to date understanding of the animal’s anatomy and form. Each My Dinosaurs simulation is designed based on the real skeleton and musculature of a real animal that once walked the earth, and that makes their animatronics the best and most realistic on the market. Your Triceratops will look and move like a Triceratops because it was designed and crafted from the anatomy of an actual Triceratops, and not from a drawing or a cartoon.

Animatronic T rex 1


  • Expertise

It would be easy to say that working from the animals’ actual anatomy was good enough, but My Dinosaurs knows that to produce the best quality dinosaur simulation, you need more than someone who can look at a prototype. You need someone who has a scientific understanding of how the animal moved and behaved. To that end, they employ their own in-house paleontologist, Professor Zhou Shiwu. A titan in his field, Professor Zhou is an internationally recognized, prize winning scientist who has published more than 20 academic papers, multiple books, and has participated in many major excavations and paleontological projects, perhaps most notably the reconstruction of the “Mamenxi dragon,” a 35-meter-long sauropod that is one of the largest ever discovered in Asia.

Professor Zhou is wholeheartedly committed to the advancement and popularization of paleontological knowledge, and is consulted whenever My Dinosaurs needs an expert opinion on the nuances of how a particular animal looked or moved. The Professor is an integral part of the My Dinosaurs design process and ensures that they’re not simply making best guesses, but applying real scientific knowledge to their craft.



Why My Dinosaurs?

My Dinosaurs is simply the best high quality animatronic dinosaur manufacturer in the market. Their commitment to excellence and realism is unequaled by any other company in the simulation model industry. Whether you’re a host of a museum or a theme park, looking for a Tyrannosaurus Rex or a Triceratops, My Dinosaurs is the company you need if you’re committed to displaying the highest quality, most realistic dinosaur simulation on the market.