What brings dinosaur-themed winter light shows so much fun?

A dinosaur-themed light show is nothing but amazing. It can only be called one thing: Magical. This winter light show celebrates the holidays in this season at the nation’s largest and brightest lantern festival and explores lantern landmarks from all over the world. Magical winter scenery with magnificent displays of holiday lights arranged into several themed areas altogether celebrates the coming of winter with performances, crafts and an array of activities that both adults and kids and take part in.



Starting your journey in the breathtaking landscapes of Europe, you can explore the pyramids of Africa vibrant cultures of Asia. You can experience thrilling acrobatic performances, step back in time, see monistic prehistoric animals and experience a world of wonder as magical lanterns glimmer throughout the night.

The light display is divided into themed areas that guests can walk through. Exhibitions such as mysterious forests and magical wonderland create whimsical lantern trees, pirate ships, and even a lost world of the maze. What we really like is the interactivity of each region. There are some bicycles that show some of the lights in the world’s landmarks, and a considerable horse statue that can be climbed in front of the “Big T-Rex” replica. Each themed areas has its own ability to attract you.



The stunning lighting display is clearly the main attraction for most of Magical Winter Lights’ guests. However, our children are definitely fond of the most exciting places with dinosaurs. This prehistoric dinosaurs wonderland takes place in a lot of tents! Located inside are life-like dinosaurs and dinosaur eggs, dinosaur fossils and replicas, real bones in display cases, and a group of animatronic dinosaurs that children can ride on. Parents will like the land of dinosaurs not only for fun but also educational intention, including informative investigation and prehistoric facts.


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You may wonder where they get these animatronic prehistoric creatures and even fossils and replicas. Well, My Dinosaurs Culture and Arts Co., Ltd. is a highly professional manufacturer who is dedicated to making simulation models. With a troop of experienced experts, this company can bring the magic into reality, making the magic winter light show a place you desire to go again and again.

It seems that the light display itself is not enough. The dinosaur-themed magic winter lights also have a large midway area with rides, food and games. A variety of food suppliers offer traditional carnival snacks such as funnel cakes and candied apples. Suitable for children of all ages, with lots of rides and a wide variety of games. The massive Ferris wheel is the crown jewel in the carnival area. From the top, you can enjoy the entire brightly lit festival.

With the arrival of the festival, the magical winter lights evoke a sense of joy and joy, which makes it a wonderful experience to share with the whole family. Beautiful lighting, spectacular entertainment, fun activities and rich culture make the Magical Winter Lights a top class.