Who is Better, Lion or Tiger?

The tiger is called the king of the forest, and the lion is the king of the grassland. The two kings fight, who is more powerful? I believe this question is often asked by children. So who is it?

Lion or Tiger

In fact, there has never been a record of a confrontation between a lion and a tiger in a wild environment in history, and the so-called video material is nothing more than a liger fight under early human intervention. Under human intervention, which side people want to win, it absolutely does not Will lose. Therefore, in the absence of fighting in a wild environment, if we want to judge the strength of the two animals, we can only judge by comparing the basic data and habits of the two.
First of all, why don’t the lions and tigers fight each other? There are two types of lions in existence: Asian lions and African lions. There are 6 subspecies of tigers in existence. From the distribution of the two animals, the six subspecies of tigers are all distributed in Asia. Therefore, in the wild, it is impossible for any wild tiger to go to Africa to fight with African lions.

Lion or Tiger 1
Although the Asian lion lives in Asia, it seems to coincide with the distribution of tigers. However, the Asian lion is worse than the South China tiger. As early as 1908, only 13 of them were left, and they were concentrated in the Gil National Forest Park for protection. After more than 100 years of hard work, the number of Asian lions has now exceeded 400. However, since these 400 are all descendants of the original 13 Asian lions, there are serious inbreeding problems. However, fortunately, the Asian lion was saved and not extinct. Of course, the Asian lions in the reserve obviously have no chance to encounter wild tigers. Moreover, carnivorous animals generally hunt animals smaller than or equivalent to their own size and often adopt the principle of avoidance for carnivorous animals of similar strength.
First look at the physique: under normal circumstances, the higher the latitude and the lower the temperature, the larger the size of the animal. Lions and tigers-one distributed in Africa, low latitudes; one distributed in Asia, high latitudes-adult African male lions generally have a body length of 2.5 meters and a weight of 200 kg; adult male tigers (ie Siberian tigers, the largest tiger sub Species) The general body length is 3 meters and the weight is 300 kg.

Lion or Tiger 2

The male lion looks very mighty, all because of the mane—the head and face are exaggerated because of the decoration—the head is very large visually, but in fact, it is much smaller than the tiger.
We know that in human competitions, a weight difference of only a few kilograms is a different level, and a cross-level challenge is a great event, not to mention that the weight difference is close to 1/3, which is an almost impossible task.
Secondly, look at the skills: lions have poor hunting skills, and lack endurance and speed; therefore, they are very different from other cats and belong to social animals. Lions usually fight in groups and hunt in groups, and the efficiency of lionesses far exceeds that of male lions; therefore, the hunting work in the lion group is basically completed by lionesses, and male lions generally rarely participate in hunting. The latter’s responsibilities are twofold: to protect the safety of the lion group from the same kind or other carnivorous animals to breed offspring.
Tigers live alone-the so-called “a mountain cannot accommodate two tigers”. They have both strength and speed, and they can climb trees and swim. They have a high rate of success in hunting alone.
In contrast, regardless of strength or skill, Tiger has won a lot.
In ancient Rome, people were also very interested in the question of whether the lion or the tiger was better, and there was a lot of debate. Wen Wu is the first, Wu Wu is the second-the consul then arranged for the lion and the tiger to perform a series of fighting performances in the Colosseum; a total of ten times were performed. As a result, the tiger was far ahead of the lion with a 7-3 record.
So, who is better, the lion or the tiger?
If it is one-on-one, the tiger has a much better chance of winning, and it should be the real “king of beasts”!

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