Best 15 Dinosaur Exhibit Ideas

There’s no doubt that different types of dinosaur exhibits can suit the taste of every single dinosaur lover, especially when they can play a role of live encyclopedia. If anyone of all ages has a thirst for dinosaurs, it’s perfectly fine to engage in one or two dinosaur exhibits as follow!

best 15 dinosaur exhibition ideas Mydinosaurs

Animatronic Dinosaur Exhibits

Prehistoric dinosaur shows and introductions will attract dinosaur mania, and it’s also an integral part of a dinosaur exhibit.

Dinosaur Skeleton Exhibits

There’s no better way to foster the sense of wonder and achieve the purpose of education than seeing an elaborate dinosaur skeleton exhibit.

Dinosaur Kiddie Rides

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to ride a dinosaur? I promise that all of visitors would think that it’s amazing.

Photo Spots

Experience different themes of dinosaur world. Then visitors can record and share every wonderful moment with pictures.

Dinosaur Theme Amusements

A variety of dinosaur theme game facilities are essential. Exciting screams make visitors indulge in pleasures without stop.

Dinosaur Fossil Digging

Digging up dinosaur fossil created long before man existed will certainly be a good way to convince your kids that dinosaurs were real!

Dinosaur Puppet

A realistic-looking dinosaur puppet may get a bit scary for kids at their first glance, I assume that they would finally be good friends though!


Decorations like dinosaur eggs and dinosaur skulls will be theme party favors. Just step back into the prehistoric era with dinosaur decorations surrounding around you!

Dinosaur Adventure 4D Videos

Huge screen 4D movies let visitors immersive, which makes them have more real experience of the Jurassic world.

Costumed Characters and Mascots

We have numerous costumed characters and mascots roaming around our show, and they can’t wait to take a picture with you and your kids! Just make the exhibition become a big great party! Bring your camera or smartphone, and shoot all you like.

Dinosaur Arts & Crafts

Dinosaur arts & crafts can inspire and motivate your kids’ imagination. Only papers and some basic tools are needed in order to make a super cool DIY dinosaur.

Walk A Dinosaur (Realistic Dinosaur Costume)

Getting access to an interactive animatronic dinosaur is such an unbelievable thing for every single one. Thus, a dinosaur costume exhibit would be perfectly fine to arouse the interest and attention of the public.

Free Dinosaur Tattoos & Face Painting

Walk on the wild side with dinosaur tattoos & face painting. The kids will roar excitingly and act just like a little dinosaur. Don’t be strange when they take great pride in calling themselves ‘the coolest T-rex’.

Dinosaur Toys

Children will definitely be obsessed with dinosaur toys especially when they are as fierce as dinosaurs in the Jurassic World. Children will enjoy their playtime with them!

Dinosaur Jigsaw Puzzles

Children will have an obsession with fantastic dinosaur puzzles filled with awesome and cool pictures of dinosaurs if they like dinosaurs and jigsaw puzzles. Also a wonderful family activity!

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