Best 10 Dinosaur Drawing Ideas

Dinosaurs may be the creatures of the past, but they are still very much popular among us. Kids and adults are crazy about these giant lizards. The most significant proof of it can be seen in the movies such as Jurassic Park. Leaving the movies and the shows aside, you also get to see life-size dinosaur models in the parks and the museums.

Bill Fore Dinosaur

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Well, speaking of dinosaurs today, in this article we are going to discuss some crazy drawing ideas that you can follow to draw your own dinosaur. The drawing ideas that are listed below can be entertaining for kids. Check out these crazy ideas and get creative with your kids.

  1. Dinosaur on a Bike:The first crazy thing that you can do with your dinosaur sketch is making him ride a bike! For instance, you could draw a cartoonish T-Rex on a bike. It’s a perfect idea for a kid’s drawing, and it’s also no less creative. And don’t forget to color it with some cool colors.
  2. The Dino-Dance: The next crazy idea is the grand dino-dance. In this, you can draw a couple of dinosaurs dancing, or you could draw them into a ballroom set-up. All you have to do is putting your imagination to work so that you can also come up with some fresh ideas.
  3. T-Rex in a Suit:As we all know that T-Rex is known to be the king of dinosaurs. So why not draw him wearing a sophisticated suit. Not only a suit but you can make your T-Rex wear any attire you want.
  4. Tea Party: Have you ever seen giant lizards sipping on some quality tea? If no then, why not draw it and make it happen? Dinosaur tea party can be one of the most creative ways to draw a dinosaur.
  5. Dinosaur Football Match:You can make a football match more interesting if you have your players as dinosaurs. Draw a few of these giant lizards in a modern day football stadium playing football. To make things even more interesting, you can make them wear football shorts and jerseys. You can also find other interesting stuff in your drawing like dinosaur audience cheering for the players.
  6. Dinosaur Marriage:How about drawing a dinosaur marriage in the church? You can draw a male dinosaur wearing a tux and the female dinosaur a white gown.
  7. Dino in a Tutu: You must have witnessed a dinosaur mostly a T-Rex wearing a tutu and doing ballet on the stage. Well, you can very well make out that the scene is amusing. So why not sketch it yourself and then color it up the way you want? You can also, put ribbons and other accessories on the dinosaur just to make it look cartoonish and funny.
  8. Dino on the Beach:Another funny thing that you could draw is a dinosaur relaxing on the beach to take a sunbath or with a glass of juice in hand. In case you do not like the idea of the beach then you can also change the set up to a swimming pool. In fact, you can draw a dinosaur on many other different setups just to make it look more human-like and funny.
  9. Barbeque Party:Another very interesting idea that you can follow is to draw a dinosaur preparing a barbeque meal. It is going to be something unique so, you can try it out with your kid.
  10. The Cardboard Cut-Out: And lastly, if you wish to take your creativity to a whole new level then try to make a life-size cardboard cut-out dinosaur most preferably a T-Rex. For this, all you need is big cardboard where you can draw your dinosaur and then, color it nicely. Once you are done with your design, you can cut it out and fix a stand behind it so you can make it stand. You can also use it for decorating purposes at your home.


So, these are some of the coolest and the craziest dinosaur drawing ideas that you can try with your kids. This will not only keep them engaged, but they will also love getting involved in such an activity. And of course, it will help them improve their drawing skills. If you are creative enough then, you can also come up with your creative ideas. Try it out with your kid and have a good time drawing some crazy dinosaurs.