Awesome Ideas for Dinosaur Face Painting

If you want to run a dinosaur exhibition, it will make the event more engaging by having dinosaur face painting. Face painting is the process of creating designs on a person’s face with colors. The colors are applied with the help of sponges or brushes. These designs can be of anything or something abstract. Either way, face painting is an incredibly fun activity for both kids and adults. But before you start, here are a few face painting tips which you should know:

  • Secure the hair with a clip before you start painting to avoid getting colors on them.
  • Don’t use oil-based colors as they are harder to remove. You can find proper face paint in any craft store.
  • Don’t use metallic craft glitter on the skin. Always use non-toxic fabric-based glitter.

Now that we have covered the basic tips, it’s time to start painting. If you’re running short of ideas, this article will help you immensely. Below we have provided a few awesome ideas on how to create a dinosaur mask using face painting techniques. The easy-to-follow instructions will guide you through the entire process:


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1.Easy Cheek Dinosaur Face Painting

It is an interesting dinosaur design which can be done on one cheek and takes only 15 minutes to create. If you’re an amateur and don’t want to go for a full face design, this design is perfect for you. The materials required to make this mask are small, medium and large brushes with soft bristles, makeup sponge, and cosmetic-grade face paint and glitter. To make this mask, follow the instructions given below:

  • Start off by outlining the dinosaur. The dinosaur’s mouth will be near the lips, so whenever the person opens or closes his mouth, the dinosaur does too. Apply the color of your choice with the help of a large brush to form the head around the lips.
  • Swoop the brush upwards from the cheeks to the temple to create the dinosaur’s body and the tail. Next, paint the front and back legs.
  • Take a fine brush and apply some pink around the upper and lower lips to form the dinosaur’s gums.
  • Draw the dinosaurs pointed teeth on the lips in white color.
  • Accentuate the border of the teeth with black color.
  • Next, use some black paint to draw the other features such as the eyes and the nostrils. The nostrils are indicated by two tiny half circles. The eye is indicated by a circle and fill the circle with white paint and draw a smaller black circle to form the eyeball.
  • Outline the dinosaur’s entire body with the black color. Draw the toenails and add a jawline. Allow it to dry.
  • Next, add more details to the dinosaur. With the help of a large brush, apply yellow color to highlight the dinosaur’s body.
  • To make it more detailed, you can add stripes on the body and dots on the tail with black paint.
  • You can further accentuate the design by highlighting it with white paint.
  • If you want to make it more, you can draw one dinosaur on each cheek to make it look like they’re facing off against each other.

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2.Scary T-Rex Dinosaur Face Painting:

This is a very detailed T-Rex design which will look great with your T-Rex Halloween costume. Creating this design is a bit time-consuming, but the compliments you’ll receive will make it all worth it. The materials required to make this mask are sponges, round brushes with soft bristles, water-based paints of different colors and cotton swabs. To make this mask, follow the instructions given below:

  • First, apply the basecoat with the help of a sponge. Use a light green for the basecoat and paint the entire face except for the mouth.
  • Next, apply a dark green color around the eyes, eyebrows, nose, and temple. To contrast this, add some yellow on the left side of the face with the help of a sponge.
  • Take some white color and stipple it on top of the yellow paint. Then, take some black paint and apply it over the dark green shade to make it darker.
  • Take some red color and dab it below the lips; this will be the dinosaur’s tongue. Next, with the help of a brush, trace an outline of the mouth and teeth in black color.
  • Use the same brush to form an outline of the face. Now, add some wrinkles around the eyes and below the upper jaw.
  • Finally, draw the nostrils near the nose, and the mask is complete.

3.Dino Eye Mask Face Painting:

If you want to do a detailed dinosaur design in short time, an eye mask is a great way to do it. The materials required to make this mask are sponges, brushes and water-based paints of different colors. To make this mask, follow the instructions given below:

  • Begin with applying purple hue near the eyes in the shape of an eye mask with the help of a sponge. Next, apply some ultraviolet red on the center.
  • Apply some black color over the eyelids; start from the inner corner of the eye and sweep it at an angle towards the outer brow.
  • Take a brush and draw three horns with white on each side, protruding from the eye mask. The horns look like small triangles.
  • Take a fine brush and use some black paint to outline the mask. The outline doesn’t need to be smooth; make it a bit uneven and wiggly. Next, outline the eyelids and the horns.
  • Add a few spots on the center, over the ultraviolet red.
  • Highlight the design by applying some white near the base of the horns.

Even though dinosaurs went extinct billions of years ago, their appeal continues to be on the rise. Be it a Tyrannosaurus Rex or a Velociraptor; dinosaurs continue to be popular in many events such as exhibitions, birthday parties, Halloween, and other costume parties. And you don’t need to be a professional face painting artist to draw any of the designs mentioned above.