Ardèche Museum

Ardèche Museum is a Natural history museum at Balalazuc, Ardèche, France.

Ardèche Museum5

Over 350 m², stones and fossils tell us a 500-million-year story including the outstanding Jurassic marine wildlife from the depths of Ardèche. The museum exposes sharks, squids, lobsters and octopuses as well as an impressive deposit of modified animals and plants exceptionally conserved into the diatomite, a stone formed during volcanism episodes, 8 million years ago.

Ardèche Museum3

Designed by the Dessus Architecte agency, the Muséum de l’Ardèche is made up of two buildings for a total area of 600m² dedicated to the origins and evolution of living things. In a luminous setting, the refined scenography imagined by us underlines the delicacy and the exceptional preservation of the fossils thus highlighted.

Ardèche Museum4

Extension 2020 of the Museum, the dinosaur gallery presents on 90m² replicas of skulls of large dinosaurs and original fossils by islands. This year they added a lot of dinosaur fossils and skeletons, including Plateosaurus skeletons, Coelophysis skeletons, Saber-toothed tiger skeletons, etc. purchased in our company.

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The museum often hosts various events, including Fossil extraction workshops, Fossil and mineral digging workshops, The dinosaur gallery, and more. Ardèche Museum is a non-profit museum. The fossils in the museum record the changes of Ardèche. Each of their activities combines fun and education, suitable for all ages.

Ardèche Museum

If you also want to have a dinosaur or animal skeleton that belongs to you, welcome to inquire. Our skeletons come in a variety of sizes, ranging from life-size replicas to small interior decorations, meeting all your expectations.