Animatronic Talking Tree for Theme Park Decoration

Animatronic Talking Tree for Theme Park Decoration

Talking trees are a form of intelligent trees in mythologies and stories. According to Greek mythology, all the trees in Northwestern Greece were endowed with the gift of insight, and they were capable of warning people on approaching calamities. The trees are considered as the vast source of knowledge and wisdom and are considered capable of teaching the true meaning of life to human beings using examples and stories.

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Conceiving this idea, we design and create some advanced talking tree. It can be customized and can be any type as clients’ request. It is like a real tree and it has face, eyes, eyebrows, nose and mouth. What’s more, we can import audio of any language to this tree and it will speak out. you can already re-program the movements of the talking tree for different events!

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This animatronic tree can even twig as his arms! It is a very funny and interactive attraction. People can use it in amusement parks, adventure parks, dinosaur Museums, shopping malls, club, hotels,exhibitions and commercial activities. It is a great tool to attract people’s attention and also a good partner with children. Here are some robotic talking tree we have made

Wonderland Decoration Life Size Animatronic Talking Tree For Sale

If you are interested in our talking tree products, please contact us! Every talking tree can be customized per your specifications !