Animatronic Talking Tree | Talking Tree Puppets by MY DINO

Beautiful style lines and luxurious greenery are featured with our animatronic talking tree. Their artificial faces and color in the leaves enables unbelievably cute and realistic appearances. Let’s get to know more about this stunning addition to outdoor and indoor decoration.


talking tree
 AP-047 Christmas Decoration Animatronic Speaking Tree Mythology>>


Full custom character service– Any tree species, size, gesture, movements,sound, color can be custom made just for you by our team of engineers. Any animation you can dream up, can become a reality with MY DINO Expressions. By what we mean on ‘customization’, and we discuss every production process with our customers, literally mean every step. See how they come into final shape.

Production process: Drawing → Inner steel frame welding → Motor wiring & Sensor installing → Antirust processing & Electrical appliance adjusting →Backing laying(sponge) & Shape sculpture → Texture carving & Skin making → Color painting & Finished products.

animatronic plants

talking tree shaping

working process talking tree



Brand: MY DINO

Size: Life Size (1-60M)

MOQ: 1 piece

Main materials: Anti-rust steel frame, Brush or brush-less CE motor and reducer, High density sponge or fireproof sponge, 3-4 layers silicone rubber, electric painting

Technics: 1. Assemble(Models longer than standard packing dimension need to be disassembled for shipping. We will offer manual and instruction for assembly.); Waterproof; Rust-proof; Adapt to a temperature of -50℃to 50 ℃. Temperature lower than -20℃, Antifreeze is required.

Normal: 1. Mouth open / close

  1. Eyes blink
  2. Eyeballs move
  3. Eyebrows move
  4. Branches move
  5. More options: Eyeballs Lighting, Spray Smoke / Water, Repeat words, Nose Move, Reprogramming System, etc.


Talking Tree 11

AP-048 Animatronic Talking Dryad Talking Tree>>

Sound: Speak in any language (Stories, fairy tales, songs, company slogans, etc.)

Control: Infrared sensor control & remote control co-exist  More options: coin operated, timer system, automatic control

Accessories: Control box, Infrared sensor, Speaker, Fiberglass rockery.

Power and Plug: Adapt to the standards of different countries. 110/220V 50/60Hz, (Euro plug, US plug, British Standard, SAA, UL, etc.)

Spare parts: Spare motors, fuses, sewing tools, silicone, pigments, installation tools, product list, etc.

Lead time: Within 30 days or depends on order quantity.