Animatronic Dinosaurs Vs. Fiberglass Dinosaurs

Are you a huge dinosaur fan? Do you still have your Tyrannosaurus rex lunchbox from the third grade? Maybe you’re a businessperson, an educator, or the manager of a local theater. If so, you might want to impress your customers, students, or audience members with enormous dinosaur displays.

Animatronic dinosaurs and fiberglass dinosaurs represent two ways of bringing ancient times back to life.

But which of these products would be better for you? Should you look for a fiberglass or an animatronic dinosaur for sale? Well, let’s compare these choices so that you can start assessing your needs.


The Animatronic Version

First of all, animatronic dinosaurs cost more than their fiberglass counterparts. It’s a good idea, then, to review your budget before purchasing one.

These items are somewhat less durable as well. That’s because their skin is made of a rubbery plastic called silicone. Even so, this material is waterproof, and it can withstand the sun’s rays and other environmental factors for quite a few years.

Nevertheless, this soft and flexible exterior will likely fade, rip, or wear out over time. For that reason, if you have a robotic dino, it’s helpful to keep it indoors if possible.


Parasaurolophus dinosaurs 1

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Thanks to their sophisticated motors and other electronic parts, robotic dinosaurs can move convincingly. Thus, they’re exciting, engaging, and dynamic. Indeed, they can blink, look around, roar, and take steps. By the way, the animatronics from My Dinosaurs are especially lifelike in their twists, turns, and other motions.

On top of that, the soft, scaly skin of an animatronic adds an extra layer of realism. Plus, it’s soothing to touch.


The Fiberglass Option

For its part, a fiberglass dinosaur has a lower price and a longer lifespan. Since it lacks electronic parts and sensitive skin, you can feel free to expose it to the forces of nature. It won’t go extinct for a very long time.

The shells of these dinosaurs make them highly durable. That’s because fiberglass, which is also known as fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP), is extremely tough.


jurassic park

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In addition, these products boast bold colors, and they look just like the genuine articles — the fiberglass dinos from MyDinosaurs are especially striking in their verisimilitude. At the same time, these statues are surprisingly lightweight. Thus, they’re easy to transport from one place to another.

Of course, there’s one drawback to consider here. Unlike animatronic dinosaurs, fiberglass dinosaurs are not motorized and cannot move. However, maybe you just want a dino to attract people and boost your branding, one that visitors can stand next to and take selfies with. In that case, a glimmering and ferocious fiberglass beast could be just the ticket.

Whether you choose a fiberglass or animatronic dinosaur for sale, you’re in for a treat. You’ll surely amaze others with their massive size and intricate characteristics. People will have a hard time looking away from the teeth, the tail, or the eyes. For them, the feeling of visiting the distant past should linger for eons.