What is Animatronic dinosaur model?

What is aniamtronic dinosaur model?

Animatronic dinosaur refers to the use of robotic devices to emulate the dominant species –Dinosaur, from Jurassic and Cretaceous periods which has been extinct about 65 million years ago.

Why do we need animatronic dinosaur model?

Can you believe that creatures from the size of your palm to the size of several double-decker buses roamed the land so many million years ago? Especially how they evolved into the most successful creatures in the evolutionary track after humans after the greatest mass extinction the Earth witnessed?

There is so much we don’t know about dinosaurs. An animatronic dinosaur model brings lifelike characteristics to them. Not just for exhibition and entertainment, more for education.

Come to MY DINOSAURS! Let’s go on an epic journey to Jurassic period!


Item: Animatronic dinosaur mode. (All species)

Brand: MY DINO

Size: Life Size (Refer to http://prehistoric-wildlife.com/)

Customized 1~60M long (scale height by length)

(Generally, our suggestion is size longer than 1m. For animatronic model, there are motors inside to launch the movements, one motor controls one movement. If the mode is too small, motors won’t fit in )


MOQ: 1 piece (All body parts available. Dinosaur head, dinosaur tail, half body, etc.)

OEM: All the models are 100% handmade, size, gesture, movements, color pattern, etc all available for customization.)

Main materials: Anti-rust steel frame, Brush or brush-less CE motor and reducer, High density sponge or fireproof sponge, 3-4 layers silicone rubber, electric painting

Technics:1. Assemble(Models longer than standard packing dimension need to be disassembled for shipping. We will offer manual and instruction for assembly.)

  1. Waterproof
  2. Rust-proof
  3. Adapt to a temperature of -50℃to 50 ℃. Temperature lower than -20℃, Antifreeze is required.


More information about animatronic dinosaur model>>

Movements: (The movements can be customized according to the dinosaur types, size and customers’ specific requirements.)

  1. Mouth open and close synchronized with vivid dinosaur sound
  2. Eyes blink
  3. Neck up and down–left to right
  4. Head up and down–left to right
  5. Forelimbs move
  6. Abdominal breathing
  7. Tail swing
  8. Front body up and down–left to right
  9. Water spray
  10. Smoke spray
  11. Wings flap
  12. Tongue in and out
  13. LED eyes

Sound: Lively Dinosaur Roaring and Breathing (Cartoon: speak in any language, telling stories, singing songs, repeating company slogans )


Production process: Pictures and videos of every production process will be updated for checking to make sure it meets requirements.

Drawing → Inner steel frame welding → Motor wiring & Sensor installing → Antirust processing & Electrical appliance adjusting →Backing laying(sponge) & Shape sculpture → Texture carving & Skin making → Color painting & Finished products.


Control Mode: Generally, for animatronic dinosaur model, infrared sensor and remote control co-exist.

  1. Coin operated: 20 game coins for each animatronic model / coins from different countries. (slit length around 2.5cm(0.97inch)
  2. Infrared sensor: Connected with control box, it canmeasure the heat of an object as well as detects the motion to launch the movements.
  3. Timer system:Movements duration, time interval between two movements can be adjusted per as requirements.
  4. Remote controller switch on/off(within 10m)


Animatronic dinosaur model videos>>

Accessories: Control box, Infrared sensor, Speaker. (Wires inside dinosaur model, speaker, infrared sensor all connected on the control box. The control box is connected to the plug. ) Fiberglass rockery/Fiberglass board(dino facts)/Fiberglass ladder. (used to cover the control box with dinosaur knowledge.)

Power and Plug: Adapt to the standards of different countries. 110/220V  50/60Hz, (Euro plug, US plug, British Standard, SAA, UL, etc.)

Lead time(Production time): Within 30 days or depends on order quantity.


Spare parts: We offer spare parts for each animatronic product. Including spare motors, fues, sewing tools, silicone, pigments, installation tools(if needed), product list. Generally, the motor will need replacement.

Packing: Dismounting : Models longer than standard packing dimension (longer or higher than shipping container’s size) need to be disassembled for shipping.

FCL(Full Container Load) – All goods in the container are listed on a single Bill of Lading, and as such are owned by a single party. Whole body is covered by plastic film,sponge to protect the important parts like eyes and claws.

LCL(Less than Container Load)-Transporting a shipment with other goods in the container. Thus multiple LCL shipments with different Bills of Lading and different owners can be loaded in a single container.

Customized Fumigation wooden case/plywood case. (plastic film,sponge to protect the important parts like eyes,claws)

Shipping: 1.By Sea-Any port in China(SHA,SA,CQ)/ 20-40 Days

2.By Air-Any international airport in China / 5-7 days

3.By Train-Any train station in China / 12-20 days


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