Animatronic Dinosaur in Botanical Garden

Have you imagined that meeting lifelike dinosaurs in a botanical garden? That could be quite a fantastic thing! These creatures had been the alpha predators of this planet in Jurassic era. A dinosaur exhibition in the botanical garden could be a tribute to these extinct species. Animatronic dinosaurs in the botanical gardens are such an attraction that tries to bring back these humongous scary creatures back to Earth.

Let’s take a look at what animatronic dinosaurs can do: Animatronic dinosaurs are equipped with brushless motors. They can blink eyes, turn the neck and the head, swing the tail, open the mouth with vivid synchronized roaring, move claws, and do more actions as you required.


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Here are some useful tips for you to introduce animatronic dinosaurs to your botanical garden.

  1. A dinosaur coming up from the interiors of the jungle could capture the attention of visitors. They can move to amuse people of all ages, especially for kids. Just imagine how you will feel when a 6m tyrannosaurus or a raptor coming out from a bush of tropical ferns with a menacing attitude.
  2. Another good idea for animatronic dinosaurs in botanical gardens is that a flying bird-dinosaur like Quetzalcoatlusplaced upon a tree with its nest and a handful number of eggs.
  3. A pavilion for prehistoric creatures can be added to the botanical garden. Visitors can not only look at different types of dinosaurs but also learn more about this group.
  4. Some friendly dinosaurs can be placed at the entrance to the park or at the entrance to the car park to welcome visitors.
  5. The botanical garden with a fountain is an excellent attraction for the masses. Why not put an electronic Plesiosaurson the fountain spraying water?
  6. The battle scene of dinosaurs is also a popular attraction in the botanical gardens. For example, you can set two Velociraptors to attack the brontosaurus.

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Nowadays, botanical gardens with animatronic dinosaurs become very popular. Would you like to introduce some animatronic dinosaurs to your botanical garden?