How Animatronic brings dinosaurs to life

According to historical events, it’s been proven that dinosaurs thrived on our planet for a little over 160 million years. They met their end around 65.5 million years ago. But for an animal that lived such a long time ago, humans have expressed an obsession with these extinct species.

In this article, we will explore what makes these prehistoric creatures so fascinating and in what ways they’ve shaped our entertainment such as bringing lifelike dinosaur in real life.


Some People always Hope Dinosaurs Can be Revived in Real Life

When Did Dinosaurs Become So Popular? You may have noticed the several movies made that focus around dinosaurs, but these weren’t the first of the dino craze. The truth of the matter is that humans have awed at these extinct animals for centuries.

One of the first instances is when the Roman emperor Tiberius found a tooth during his reign of 14 to 37 AD. Phlegon of Tralles, a Greek writer at the time, provided the first scale model for a prehistoric animal. He did this by sculpting a head that was about the same size of the tooth and then using this to predict how big the body would be.

Researchers later found this tooth to likely belong to a Mastodon. Regardless of if both Tiberius and Phlegon were right, they definitely showed an early obsession with these extinct creatures.

Now that we’ve explored when dinosaurs first became a fascination, what about why?


Dinosaurs Revived in Real Life


Reasons for Why Dinosaurs Are Popular

You may be wondering why humans would emphasize an animal that has not roamed the planet for over 65 million years. But, honestly, that’s a part of the appeal. National Geographic divides this fascination into three separate categories: “big, fierce, and extinct”. Shall we look at each reason in more depth?


Sheer Size
If you’ve ever paid attention to any phenomenon or craze that exists among humans, you might notice that we tend to be obsessed with things that are either too big or too small. Dinosaurs come in a range of sizes, the larger T-Rex and Brachiosaurus being among the most popular.


Why Dinosaurs Are Popular


Fierce Predators

Even though dinosaurs are long gone, the fact that they were so terrifying is enough for people to want to study them more. The Velociraptor, for instance, is a fan favorite due to the heightened predatory drive that it had long ago.



Another reason for which people have jumped onto the dinosaur bandwagon is that we don’t know much about them. As humans, we yearn to learn everything that exists – or existed – on planet Earth.


Animatronic! You will meet with Dinosaurs in Real Life by Technology ways

People have found a way to bring a realistic Animatronic dinosaur in life essence to these extinct creatures without the danger of being eaten. This has been accomplished through a number of movie franchises, such as Jurassic Park. Art has also played a role in bringing these prehistoric animals back to life. The Smithsonian talks about the coveted paleoart that gives us a sense of what dinosaurs might have looked like.


meet with Dinosaurs in Real Life


More recent invention has been the use of animatronics?

Discovery UK pinpoints how one can successfully create a lifelike dinosaur in real life. The Los Angeles Zoo has incorporated the idea of a realistic animatronic dinosaur in life to allow us to walk among them without the risk of meeting claws. My Dinosaurs an animatronic dinosaur costume gives the ability to provide their intended audience with biological knowledge and realistic movement.

The dinosaur obsession has been around for a number of years despite how long ago they roamed the Earth. It’s not hard to be intrigued by something so large and predatory. Thankfully, we don’t have to live among them, but animatronic dinosaurs give us a realistic experience.