Animatronic Animals for Fashion Shows

Maybe you’re starting to plan a fashion show for your label or retail company. Are you interested in some models who are tall, stylish, and charismatic? If so, you can always turn to dinosaurs — animatronic animals, of course.

After a few dinos grace your runway, you might never look at fashion in quite the same way again.


Dinosaurs and Haute Couture: A Winning Combination

If the idea of primordial supermodels seems a little startling, think about other brands that have held successful fashion shows with animatronic dinosaurs or Ice Age creatures.

Take Peacebird Women as an example. It’s a cutting-edge Chinese fashion company that focuses on women who live in cities. During its 2014 spring and summer show, Peacebird Women had models stride alongside tall grass and woolly mammoths.




In July 2014, the Barclays Center in Brooklyn held a “Walking with Dinosaurs” event that displayed robotic animals from the traveling show of the same name. Jay Manuel, a judge from the TV program “America’s Next Top Model,” took the stage. He presented the dinos as though they were all supermodels.

In addition, when the landmark movie “Jurassic Park” reached its 25th anniversary in 2018, Universal Studios staged a series of events around the world. One was a fashion show in Australia. This presentation showcased the work of several leading Australian designers, and they created outfits that evoked the beloved film franchise. Naturally, large animatronic animals from prehistoric times loomed over the proceedings. Luckily, they seemed to approve of the clothing.



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Fashioning Your Own Dinosaur Event

When you add dinosaurs to your fashion event, you get several benefits. It makes it easy to theme the whole affair, from the snacks to the decorations. This theme will really stand out in your advertising materials as well. In fact, it should bring in attendees who love dinosaurs and who wouldn’t go to such a show otherwise. Best of all, dinosaurs can take an otherwise ordinary show and make it unforgettable.

You could narrow down your theme if you’d like. For instance, you might display ancient polar bears with your winter styles. How about sleeping dinosaurs with nightwear or undersea creatures with swimwear? If you’re spotlighting athletic gear, animals like the super speedy Gallimimus would be ideal. You get the idea.




My Dinosaurs can provide you with all kinds of scaly and furry beasts. For instance, the company’s T-Rex model, animatronic woolly mammoth, and animatronic polar bear boast naturalistic motions, and they look just like the genuine articles. The power and dignity of these animals are always in fashion.