Which Animals Are Related to Dinosaurs Today?

Dinosaurs have long been wiped out but some animals still have quite a lot of similarities with the DNA of the dinosaurs. Scientists have been able to use images of the simulation model industry and have strangely concluded on some animals being the successors of the dinosaurs.

We all know that the era of dinosaurs is long gone but what if we tell you that in our present world there are some animals which are the direct descendants of the dinosaurs?

With the help of simulation model industry scientists and researchers have been able to compare the DNA and the evolution of the prehistoric gigantic animals. It turns out that the dinosaurs still have their DNA left out in some of the common animals we see around today.


Descendants of the dinosaurs

It might come as a bit of surprise to you but birds are the last known descendants of the dinosaurs. All the modern-day birds have evolved from a family of dinosaurs called the theropods.

These families of dinosaurs include some of the most feared predatory dinosaurs like the T. Rex and the Coelophysis. All this research could be possible with the help of animatronic dinosaurs which scientists have been able to replicate digitally using highly complex programs.

The crocs and the alligators are also animals that resemble our dinosaurs. A strange fact about our present-day reptilians is that with time they have not evolved too much and even looked pretty much the same 65-70 million years ago.


Which animals are the direct descendants of the dinosaurs?

Although the age of the dinosaurs may have been wiped out millions of years ago it comes to our findings that some of the modern-day animals still have a lot in common with these fantastic pre-historic creatures. That is pretty much surprising in itself that even in the 21st century and during the coronavirus age such resemblance could be found in some animal species.

Here is a list of the top 5 animals that closely resemble the dinosaurs.



It might come as a surprise to you but this domesticated bird has quite similarities to the pre-historic T. Rex dinosaur. Even the scientists were shocked to see quite a bit of similarity to the DNAs of both animals.


Animals Are Related to Dinosaurs 4


Although the age of reptiles and dinosaurs split way long crocodiles and dinosaurs share the same ancestors. The modern-day crocodiles and alligators have evolved very little since the Cretaceous period that existed more than 100 million years ago.


Animals Are Related to Dinosaurs 3

Sea turtles

By tracking down the evolutionary lines using highly advanced animatronic dinosaurs scientists have been able to find that the modern-day turtles and dinosaurs evolved into two different species 110 million years ago. One of the dinosaurs or the prehistoric versions of the modern-day turtle was the Archelon which lived more than 120 million years ago. Compared to the size of the modern-day turtle the Archelon was almost 4meters long and in width measured almost 5 meters flipper to flipper.


Animals Are Related to Dinosaurs 2


The earliest prehistoric creatures that resembled sharks was the Megalodon. It was one of the biggest creatures ever to be alive to date. It could grow as long as 20 meters and weigh close to 100 metric tonnes. With the help of the simulation model industry, scientists predict that the modern-day sharks started to evolve around 100 million years ago.


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The closest species of dinosaurs that could be linked to the crabs is the Megaxantho Zogue. It was considerably larger than the crabs of today. Crabs evolved around the Jurassic period when the age of dinosaurs was in full swing.


Animals Are Related to Dinosaurs