Amusement Park Rides – Interesting Means To Amuse People

Amusement Park Rides – Interesting Means To Amuse People

The Amusement park is meant for the enjoyment of a large number of people, and it combines a group of entertainment attractions. There are a lot of amusement parks in different parts of the world ranging from Disney world to small and medium sized ones. And there are small amusement parks and theme parks with a few rides set up as a part of big shopping malls, to attract kids.

There are a lot of fun amusement park rides which excite kids and adults alike. Amusement park rides are mechanical devices or structures that move the people in a different exciting manner to create enjoyment. For people who love adventures, more dangerous movements will be more exciting. These movements can be spinning around a vertical axis, or it can be not particularly about a point.

  1. Motorized Animal Scooters

Looking like mobile stuffed animals, the rides add a bit of whimsy to the ordinary shopper scenes or amusement parks. These motorized animal scooters function as a sort of updated version of coin-operated kiddie rides. Customers or visitors — parents and their children, but others, too — pay for a short stay on the slow-moving creatures, and can pose for photos to take home. If you are interested in animal rides link this, you may view our list of motorized dinosaur / animal rides & scooters.

Coin Operated Animal Rides

Customized Movie Character Dragon Animal Ride >>

Animal Scooter

Park Kiddie Rides Animal Scooter >>

Stuffed Furry Animated Electric Zebra Ride on Furry Animal

Amusement Park Coin Operated Horse Animal Ride

  1. Roller Coaster Ride

Roller coaster is one among those thrilling rides and most well-known. Though it is very common in all the amusement parks, people still love the scary zig zag rides on the roller coaster.

Roller Coaster Ride


  1. Carousel

Another ride, which is well-known, is merry-go-round or carousel though it remains a carnival staple worldwide. The seats can be of normal, which moves up and down or sometimes animal shapes made of fiberglass or plastic. This is always fun for kids and grown-ups. In theme parks, there is electrical animal rides set up which are coin operated or controlled by remote and are meant for kids.

Special sound effects multiply the fun during the ride with animal roaring and eyes blinking during a dinosaur ride. For kids above five years, even 360 degrees turn around, and more vigorous movements can be designed. Safety measures like safe belts should be used every time.


  1. The Bumping Cars

Bumper cars can always be exciting for adults and kids in which electrically powered cars which draw power from the floor are turned on and off remotely by an operator. A rubber Bumper surrounds each car, and the drivers ram each other as they travel. The fun of the ride is this bumping.

The Bumping Cars

  1. The Balloon Race Ride

The balloon race is a tilting circular motion amusement park ride, and the ride makes it way up a structure, and as it reaches a particular height, it starts tilting. Each balloon can carry two to three passengers each.

There are different types of other rides available in amusement parks which are fun filled and exciting. Theme parks have now become one among the popular destination for the weekend. For kids, it’s altogether a different experience. It gains popularity because our brains respond to creativity, art, and fantasy. No wonder Theme parks have much impact on the tourism industry worldwide.

The Balloon Race Ride


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