Ad Deir


Ad Deir, also known as El Deir, is a monumental building carved out of rock in the ancient Jordanian city of Petra. Built by the Nabataeans in the 1st century and measuring 50 metres (160 ft) wide by approximately 45 metres (148 ft) high, architecturally the Monastery is an example of the Nabatean Classical style. It is the second most visited building in Petra after Al Khazneh.

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  • Address: Jordan

Google Reviews

  • Panoramic Imaging: Dramatic and very impressive. Exactly what the architects had in mind 2000 years ago I suspect. My hike was 20,000 steps, 13km, and the equivalent of 85 floors climbed. So good boots and water….. And yes, 100% it’s worth the effort of getting there..!
  • Ciaran Connolly: HAVE YOUR BEST WALKING SHOES!!! Water & sun hats! 🙂 There is a rest at the top where you can chill..but it is a decent walk up – especially after coming through all of Petra. At the top you get to see Petra’s largest building – from 1st century BC. Well worth it – if you can make it.