9 Dragon Props to Make Your Haunted Mansion be More Popular

Why You Should Use Dinosaur Props To Decorate A Haunted Mansion

We all know how great small details can be in a haunted mansion exhibit, but what about the larger details? You want something that is larger than life and fantastical. You want something that will really frighten your guests as they’re making their way through your exhibit. For that, you’ll have to look at life-sized dinosaurs and fantastical beasts.

In this article, we’ll show you nine of the best-haunted mansion props you can find on MyDinosaurs.com


An Awesome Entrance Decoration

This smoking dragon head features life-like details and a menacing appearance. Unlike other options on this list, it’s a bust that simply sits on top of a pedestal. When visitors insert a coin into the bust, it sprays a thick cloud of smoke to thrill your guests. If you don’t want your guests to have to pay, it also comes with a remote control that allows you to activate the smoke feature at will.


animatronic dragon head

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  • Great for entrances
  • Life-like and menacing details
  • Variety of smoke options


  • Not suitable for interior use

The Western Dragon

This robotic dragon features sharp claws, ferocious teeth, and an intimidating pose. It looks as if it’s about to pounce on whatever is in front of it. To help boost its intimidating appearance, it features a shaking head, flapping wings, and guttural growling noises. It’s the perfect prop to put around one of the corners of your haunted mansion.


  • Intimidating appearance
  • Automatic movements
  • Audio features


  • Slight mechanical noise


Animatronic dragon

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A Smoke-Spewing Horror

What animatronic toys could possibly be better for a haunted house than a dragon that spews smoke and roars? This snake-like creature has flapping wings, a gyrating head, and a body that moves in an intimidating fashion. It also spews smoke at your guests to add a dramatic touch to your haunted mansion. This is one prop that is bound to frighten the little ones.


  • Lots of moving parts
  • Audio features
  • Spews smoke


  • Not as much detail as other models


A Robust And Life-Sized Killer

This life-sized dragon features a lot of robotic movement, loud roars, and an astounding amount of detail. All of its pieces are made from fiberglass and high-quality steel, and they’re all hand-painted. As an added touch, the eyes glow red to instill fear into the hearts of your visitors.


  • Hand-painted
  • Lots of movement
  • Very durable


  • It’s a bit too large for smaller areas


A Tail To Decorate Your Walls

This is different than our other suggested haunted mansion props. It’s just a massive and robotic tail. This is great for when you want to create the illusion that something far bigger is in your haunted mansion, but you don’t have the room for a full-blown creature. The tail moves at several different points, and it has a built-in audio system that roars.


  • Great wall decoration
  • Creates the illusion of something bigger
  • Roars very loudly


  • It’s just a tail.


custom made animatronic dragon tail 拷贝

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The Fiberglass Monstrosity

This demonic-looking dragon is made entirely from fiberglass, and it features flapping wings and a moving head to bring its demonic design to life. To make it even more exhilarating for your guests, it has a guttural roar. The beast sits on top of a large rock, and it is a life-sized item.


  • Life-sized
  • Intimidating appearance
  • A unique color-scheme compared to our other options


  • Only the wings and head move


A Snarling Head

This Snarling dragon head is animated, and it features an extreme amount of detail. The skin features a hand-painted surface, and it’s designed to show every crack and pore in the skin. The teeth are realistically yellowed and sharp. While this is just a giant head, it’s one of the most detailed haunted house animatronics you can find, and it’s great for nestling in a tight spot to horrify guests when they get close.


  • The little details make it stand out
  • It’s great for smaller areas
  • It has some movement


  • You’ll have to partially conceal it. It’s just a head.


A Floor Prop That Is Sure To Frighten

This bust is designed to look like it’s erupting from the floor of your haunted mansion exhibit. The base looks like real lava, and the upper half of a snarling dragon is climbing out of it. The attention to detail in the facial features of the dragon are remarkable, and they look almost canine-like. It also roars to make it more intimidating.


  • Great floor prop
  • The details are beautiful
  • The base is very realistic


  • You’ll have to use it on the floor.


A Floor Prop That Is Sure To Frighten


A Massive Beast That Flies

This robotic beast is the only one on this list that actually hangs from the ceiling of your exhibit. Its small details aren’t as great as other options, but it looks amazing from the ground. You’ll need a large place to display this one, though. It’s over 11 meters long. This is a great option for fleshing out the ceiling area of your haunted mansion.


  • Hangs from the ceiling
  • Looks great from the ground
  • It’s extremely large


  • The small details are lacking. However, they’re not visible from the ground.


Final Thoughts

Those are nine of the best-haunted mansion props to bring your scary exhibit to life. They roar, flap, and fly via robotic parts, and some of them even spew smoke to add atmosphere to your haunted house.