6 Reasons Why You Could Use Dinosaurs as Mascots in School Events

Deciding on a mascot is one of the most important things that any school will make as this will serve as the face of the institution for some time and be a source of pride too. However, there is a seemingly infinite number of choices: Bears, Bulldogs, Eagles, Knights, Lions, Panthers, Tigers, etc. How about an uncommon one, a dinosaur mascot? A dinosaur mascot costume would surely be memorable and make your school stand out. But why use dinosaurs for mascots? Read on for six reasons why you should consider doing so.


Drives Attention to Your School

Imagine your mascot looking like this. That would sure be memorable, right? Anybody who sees that will definitely be talking about it, possibly for days. And, if your school is one in which recruitment of students is important, a mascot like this can help keep yours in mind when schools’ enrollment, quality of education, location and similar things are being analyzed.


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Showing Team Spirit

School spirit is crucial as it helps students, teachers and others experience pride in their school, which can help them unite in working towards the common goal of best educating the students enrolled there. A dinosaur can perhaps do that better than others. For example, a Tyrannosaurus rex, who represents speed, agility and striving, would help those at the school embrace those characteristics themselves.



So many schools use mascots such as dogs, bears and eagles, but seeing someone in a dinosaur mascot costume at school events would be original. Not only are most dinosaurs, especially the Tyrannosaurus rex, much larger than other animals, but, with dinosaurs having long been extinct, there is a sense of wonder about them as they are so mysterious too.


Teaching Moments

A dinosaur mascot also provides an excellent way for teachers to seamlessly transition from a focus on the mascot to teaching moments in which the impact that dinosaurs had on the world and what they were like are discussed. In fact, these teaching moments can even happen during fun school events instead of in the classroom.



Create Excitement

A huge animal like a dinosaur can really help create an electric atmosphere at school events, and doing so helps connect that fun feeling with the school. This helps those at the school be more excited and passionate about the teaching and the learning that they do there.


Greater Attendance

Many children are generally not interested in attending school events. However, a vast, rarely-seen creature such as a dinosaur can create just enough intrigue, curiosity and excitement to spark their engagement and interest and increase overall attendance in these events.




So, why use dinosaurs for mascots? Simply put, they are memorable and can easily become a source of pride for children and others connected with the school. Although there are some dinosaur-related mascots being used today, most famously by the NBA’s Toronto Raptors, they are rare even though they shouldn’t be. However, that also means that your using a dinosaur mascot will cause your school to really stand out.