6 Must-see Dinosaur Movies for Kids

Perhaps each child has a secret garden in his heart. For children, the disappearing dinosaur is incomparably mysterious and he can develop his own imagination. Dinosaur is also a symbol of power and can bring the sense of security for kids.

Although there are many movies about dinosaurs, not each one is suitable for children. When the most popular dinosaur movie, Jurassic Park, was released in the United States, it was rated as “PG-13” because of the thrilling atmosphere created in the film and the bloody lens of the dinosaurs.

Today, we have carefully selected 9 movies about dinosaurs to share with children who like dinosaurs. Take a glimpse of the glorious history of these dominant moments!

  1. Dinosaur Big City

Release time: 2014

Suitable age: 3~6 years old

Introduction: In the movie Dinosaur Big City, the small dinosaur Buddy and his friends and family began the exciting adventures in the big city.



  1. Wonder Pets: Save the Dinosaur!

Release time: 2008

Suitable age: 2~5 years old

Introduction: Wonder Pets: Save the Dinosaur! is a popular preschool animation broadcast on the US Nickel Channel. Produced by the famous animation studio Little Airplane, it tells the story of three super pet heroes who love to sing.



  1. Go Diego Go! The Great Dinosaur Rescue

Release time: 2006

Suitable age: 3~6 years old

Introduction: Go Diego Go! is a series of simple stories with specific patterns and rhythmic songs that allow children to explore the hero with ease and joy. Diego loves nature and his mission is to help animals to solve their difficulties.

Children can not only recognize many animals living in mountains, forests, and seas but also understand the characteristics of animals and their living environment under the instruction of Diego.



  1. How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night?

Release time: 2004

Suitable age: 4~8 years old

Introduction: This cartoon is based on the classic picture book How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night. It ingeniously transformed the emotions that children don’t like to sleep into some small dinosaurs, vividly depicting this problem that parents face every day.



  1. Dinosaur

Release time: 2000

Suitable age: 7 years old and above

Introduction: This is a movie produced by Disney, mainly about the adventure of a small bird. Aladar lived in the late Cretaceous and was raised by a group of lemurs. An unexpected meteor shower destroyed the island which Aradar was located. Aladar fled with friends to the mainland and met a group of dinosaurs seeking new shelter. Thus, Aladar and his companions began this extremely difficult migration journey.



  1. Journey to the Center of the Earth

Release time: 2001

Suitable age: 8 years old and above

Introduction: The film is based on a classic novel and tells the story of a scientist and his nephew. They crossed into the heart of the earth. In this underground world, there are not only dinosaurs but also various exotic prehistoric plants and animals. In addition to the sinister environment, mysterious residents, they have to face the test of all kinds of temptations.