6 Actionable Tips to Help Your Dinosaur Theme Park Attract More Tourists

A dinosaur theme park is not the easiest theme park to sell. Some people would rather visit a water park or one with roller coasters than one with animated dinosaurs. That doesn’t mean that most people are not interested and will never visit. Here are 6 actionable methods of increasing the number of visitors to your park.


Why Tourists Are Not Showing Up

There could be dozens of reasons why few people are showing up at your park. Many of the reasons will not be listed in this article. Here are the four most common reasons that your park is not getting the recognition it deserves:

  • Outdated props
  • Competitors
  • Lack of Interest
  • No Target Audience
  • Tips to Attract More Tourists


  1. Update Props

A common problem with festivals, theater shows and amusement parks is a never-ending recycling and reusing of materials. To save money, event planners decide to buy props once every 10 years or longer. They assume that most customers will not notice, but if the props are 10 years or older, it’s hard not to notice.

First, learn how to attract tourists with animatronic dinosaur creations. Update your props at least once every few years. Buy brand-new costumes, display stands, furniture and other items that are easily recognizable, if it fits your budget.


dinosaur park long neck

Animatronic Dinosaur Attractions>>

    1. Create Diversity

Dinosaurs lived in a very diverse environment with trees, rivers, mountains, etc. Create this same level of natural diversity in the theme park’s settings. Help the visitors to think that they have actually traveled back in time.

Dinosaurs with trees

A variety of dinosaur models for selection>>


  1. Make Animatronic Dinosaur Shows

No dinosaur show is complete without the appearance of animatronics. One of the most important steps is to learn how to attract tourists with animatronic dinosaur creatures. Make sure that yours includes vocal sounds and movements so that the dinosaurs come to life.


  1. Market Your Dinosaurs

Market your dinosaur theme park in every creative way possible. Hire a new marketing team to handle the advertisements in print, on TV or on the radio. Start with the dinosaurs that are the stars of the show. Spark the public’s interest in dinosaurs, and create an animatronic animal to match each species. Encourage your visitors to learn more about these prehistoric creatures.


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  1. Find Targeted Audiences

Figure out who your targeted customers are. These are specific groups of people who differ by age, gender, education, occupation, and other factors. Cater to the groups who make the most paid appearances in your park.


  1. Deal With Competitors

Every business owner has to deal with competitors at some point or another. There may be one or two other theme parks within a 20-mile radius, and you have no choice but to share customers with them. Always know what your competitors are doing so that you stay a step ahead of them.’


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Running a dinosaur theme park with animation is not like running a popular restaurant franchise. There will be customers one day and barely anyone on another day. It’s your responsibility to figure out exactly why you’re not getting the customers and profits you deserve.