5 Dinosaur Christmas Party Ideas

Do your family members and friends love Christmas? Do they also love dinosaurs? Well, why not combine those two passions into a dinosaur Christmas party for the ages? You’ve probably heard lots of Christmas party ideas in the past, but you might’ve never heard one as good as this one.

Here are some helpful tips for Jurassic-sized fun this December.


Big Dinos, Small Details




Every clever little touch that your Christmas dinosaur party includes is sure to delight guests of all ages.

For example, you could send party invitations that are decorated with dinosaur and Christmas tree stickers. If you like to bake, you can make cookies in dinosaur shapes; then use frosting to give those beasts holiday sweaters. If you’ll be handing out presents, dinosaur wrapping paper is a must.

In addition, you can search the internet for party favors themed to Christmas, dinosaurs, or both. You could always create your own favors as well. For instance, you might offer your guests toy dinosaurs with candy canes in their mouths. It’s a treat that’s sweet and ferocious!


Dinosaur Decor 




A Christmas tree covered with dinosaur ornaments makes for quite a conversation piece. If you can’t find such ornaments, you can just buy a box of small dinosaur toys and use hooks or strings to hang them. You can also insert some of those dino figurines into a wreath.


Monster Party Guests 




Here’s a scene to imagine. As people walk toward your front door, they’re each greeted by a towering, realistic dinosaur. Well, you could pull it off, and you don’t need to be related to Steven Spielberg to do so.

All you’d have to do is order an animatronic T-Rex from My Dinosaurs. Once it’s standing in your courtyard, it’ll blink, breathe, turn its head, swing its tail, move its mouth, growl, snap its claws, and more.

Near your T-Rex, you could place a set of two giant eggs from My Dinosaurs. One features a baby dinosaur with lifelike facial movements. The other is empty. Thus, your young guests could climb inside it for a unique photo opportunity.


Puppet Magic


triceratops hand puppet 600x600


How about entertaining your party guests with a first-class show? With the Baby Dino Triceratops Puppet, you get a character with eyes that blink, a tail that swings, and a head, neck, and mouth that move. You can enthrall children by having this adorable dinosaur read a Christmas story or poem.


Costumed Merrymaking 




Alternatively, you might try on the Customized Dinosaur Costume for a little role-playing action. Once you’re walking around inside this high-quality and extremely detailed suit, you can shake people’s hands, pose for photos, dance to Christmas songs, and high-five Grandma. Or maybe that’s “high-claw” Grandma.

In the end, your dinosaur Christmas party might be such a hit that you’ll want to make it an annual tradition. Every December, your loved ones will make your home their stomping grounds.