5 Best Christmas Tree Ideas for 2018

With any luck, your 2018 holiday season has been joyous so far. At the same time, you might be looking to freshen up your Yuletide decorations in the years to come. In particular, maybe you’re looking for a new Christmas tree idea.

Have you considered a themed tree? How about a talking Christmas tree?

Below are five concepts for your consideration. You may never look at your Christmas ornaments the same way again.


A Tree to Make Your Mouth Water



Many people associate the holidays with sweet treats. If you always have sugar plums dancing in your head this time of year, why not go for a tree that’s covered with snacks? You could hang candy canes, lollipops, and fake gingerbread people all over it.

Plus, for something that’s delicious without sugar, you might use strands of popcorn instead of tinsel. With a gingerbread house topper, you’ll have a tree that’s almost good enough to eat.


Nice and Rustic



If you’re dreaming of a woodsy Christmas, decorate your tree with objects of nature. You could try pine cones, berries, twigs, and feathers.

To complete the effect, use your cell phone to play countryside sound effects, which you can find on the internet. Hearing a babbling brook and the chirping of birds will make everyone feel at peace on December 25.


Holiday in Paradise



Maybe you wish you could escape to someplace warm this winter. If you can’t, your Christmas tree can put you in a beachy state of mind. Adorn it with leis, seashells, plastic seahorses, and pastel lights. Wrap a beach towel around the trunk, and top it off with a starfish.

Then you can play Hawaiian music, unfold your beach chair, sit back, and pretend that the tropical sun is setting right in front of you.


Snow Way



On the other hand, some people just can’t get enough of the snow. If you’re one of them, you can celebrate your love of frosty precipitation with a snow-themed tree.

Use white lights, and spray on some gorgeous fake snow. Next, hang plenty of ornaments shaped like snowflakes, snowmen, sleds, and ice skates. Stick a few mittens and fuzzy hats on the branches, and drape a few scarves as well.

One glance at the finished product might make you crave coffee or hot cocoa.


A Talking Christmas Tree


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Finally, the My Dinosaurs Talking Tree is ideal for residential and commercial spaces. For one thing, it’s an extremely strong product. It boasts fiberglass, silicone, and a steel frame.

Better yet, this My Dinosaurs character comes alive with charming motions. Its eyes, eyebrows, nose, and mouth can all move. It sings songs and tells captivating stories. It can speak in pretty much any language. Truly, this tree makes a great friend for any season.

Whatever type of tree brightens your home, we hope that you get everything you desire this holiday. And we also wish you a tree-mendous new year!