5 Amazing dinosaur videos on Youtube

Dinosaurs Have Influenced Our Lives in Many Ways

Prehistoric dinosaurs are a hot topic among adults and children all over the world. These fascinating animals-controlled life on earth for more than 130 million years. During their reign, they included creatures as small as doves and as massive as cruise ships. Some grew to over 120 feet long. These unique creatures did more than roam the prehistoric world. Dinosaurs left lasting footprints that have changed the face of this planet forever. Their mystique greatly affects our world today. They are depicted in toys, media, and education. Life-like animatronic dinosaur puppets are one of the most popular ways that dinosaurs are represented today.


Have you watched these 5 best dinosaur videos on youtube?


#5 “Animatronic Dinosaurs | How It’s Made”

This video shows you exactly how an animatronic Velociraptor is made from start to finish. This is an interesting and informative feature. You will learn how a model dinosaur is created to look realistic and how it is given mechanics that allow it to move. Both adults and children over 5 years of age will find this video enjoyable.


Animatronic Dinosaurs How Its Made


#4 “JURASSIC PARK – Evolution of a Raptor Suit”

In this “Behind The Scenes” video, you will learn how raptor suits, worn by humans, were made for the feature film, Jurassic Park. This is an amazing video showcasing the art and mechanics that were used in the record-breaking film.


JURASSIC PARK Evolution of a Raptor Suit


#3 “DINOSAUR ISLAND! My Magic Pet Morphie – Cartoons For Kids! Dinosaurs For Kids”

If you have very small children, check this one out! This colorful and fun cartoon video features a fictional Dinosaur Island, bandits, and a tiny heroine with a pet who morphs into various dinosaurs who help her save the day!


DINOSAUR ISLAND! My Magic Pet Morphie


#2 “Dinosaurs for Kids | Learn about Dinosaur History, Fossils, Dinosaur Extinction and more!”

This educational video, by Clarendon Learning, teaches school-aged children about the history of dinosaurs, dinosaur fossils, and the ultimate extinction of dinosaurs. The video also discusses various types of dinosaurs that once existed and teaches facts about each one.


Learn about Dinosaur History, Fossils, Dinosaur Extinction


#1 “Jurassic Quest Popular Real Live Baby Dinosaurs – Lana3LW”


This video made it to our number one spot! It is great for children and adults alike! It shows the replica Baby Dinosaurs that are featured in Jurassic Quest events around the U.S. Each event features over eighty life-sized dinosaurs that move and roar. Some of them even walk around. This is the largest and most life-like Dinosaur event in America. In this video, you see what it is like to meet and interact with Baby Dinosaurs in this remarkable exhibition.


Jurassic Quest Popular Real Live Baby Dinosaurs


Do you want to see these replicated baby dinosaurs in motion? Check out our #1 video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZQZrfg4M0Y. If you dream of owning and displaying a life-like dinosaur of your own, MyDinosaurs Culture and Arts Company, Ltd. can make your dream a reality! They are a dinosaur puppets creatives company. You can find them online and shop for animatronic dinosaur puppets, props, skeletons, fossils, and decor at mydinosaurs.com.