4 Useful Tips for Developing a Theme Park

As a well-known manufacturer and supplier of dinosaur replicas in the industry, we have helped many customers build their theme parks. Meanwhile, we accumulate some experience. Here, we have put together some tips for developing a theme park, and I hope it could be useful for you:

  1. The theme of the park must be clear and non-replicable.

A theme parks must have a clear theme, which is in line with the trend of tourism development and reflects the characteristics of differentiated tourism products. For example, the China Dinosaur Park in Changzhou is a park with a clear theme, a high degree of differentiation, and sharp features. Dinosaurs were the largest land animals to ever live on the planet, and some large carnivores were impressively terrifying creatures, but they disappeared suddenly. Dinosaurs are giant and mysterious creatures. Many people are obsessed with dinosaurs. That makes “Dinosaur” a very appealing theme. Moreover, there are not only amusement projects, but also museums and science projects; there are not only animatronic dinosaurs, but also dinosaur fossils. This makes China Dinosaur Park more attractive and has a broader audience.

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  1. Market positioning must seek truth from facts.

Due to a large amount of investment in building a theme park, and the owners are eager to recover costs, they set the high price for tickets. The price of many theme parks is much higher than that of the famous traditional spots in the local area. This will cause problems such as narrowing the customer market and lower the revisit rate. The theme park owners should properly price their products in the context of comprehensive market research, to attract more visitors to walk in the park. At the same time, flexible business methods and pricing strategies should be adopted, such as increasing revenue sources through catering, shopping and other services. According to statistics, one-third of the income of Disneyland in the United States comes from tourists’ shopping or non-playing projects. Also, the fare of adults, children, the elderly and the disabled can be different; in the off-season, the park can lower the price of the ticket.


  1. Tourism products should have continuous innovation.

The theme park is a product with rich cultural connotations. The landscape, activities and atmosphere of the theme park are created by people. If you don’t go after innovation, your attraction will be weakened. Because the theme parks, after all, are not like the natural landscape or places of interest, can attract tourists with natural or historical cultural capital, but can only continue to enrich the content, develop new projects, and follow the innovation development.

Practice has proved that the most effective way to extend the life cycle of a theme park is to drive the continuous growth of passenger flow by continuous  developing new products and transforming the old products.For example, Disneyland introduces new themes and new content to attract returning visitors by transforming the protagonist of the daily cartoon character parade.In addition, only by continuously adopting the latest technology to enrich the  content, can help to attract tourists for a long time.


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  1. Theme parks should strengthen cooperation with media.

Although the word-of-mouth effect is the most effective way of promoting a theme park, nowadays the electronic media and text media are significant, and this two types of media are not mutually exclusive, but complementary. The two sides work together to exert influence on tourists. Therefore, we must pay attention to selecting appropriate channels for publicizing the brand and product information of the theme park.

In fact, many theme parks have great tourism products, but they often lack targeted propaganda, and their own advantages are not prominent.


If you are also running a theme park, I hope that the above content can provide you with some useful information; if you want to build a dinosaur-themed park, we are also happy to give you a hand.