2018’s Newest Costume Styles-Make It Dinosaur!

Say goodbye to the same boring costumes of the past. 2018’s newest costume styles are all about variety! With incredibly realistic details and quality craftsmanship, the latest trends of costumes range from fun to frightening and from fierce to fabulous. These costumes can easily transform you into the character of your dreams…or nightmares!

The latest trends of costumes are all about pop culture characters and classic icons. There’s something for even the pickiest shopper–from the latest crime-fighting superheroes, like Marvel’s Black Panther, to otherworldly dragons inspired by HBO’s popular Game of Thrones. The newest costume styles are nearly limitless!



Prefer the classics? Give your friends the scare of their lives when you put on an adult-size Chucky costume, or make their jaws drop when you show up as the sexy Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians.

If you’re looking for a truly unique costume, you’ll have to check out one of the most impressive costumes of 2018: the walking Tyrannosaurus rex! Designed with quality in mind, this My Dinosaurs dinosaur costume is constructed with a premium stainless-steel frame, realistic textured skin, and a full range of body motions. Heads will turn as you roam down the street with blinking reptilian eyes and a swinging tail. This lifelike dinosaur costume even features realistic roaring and breathing sounds!

The dinosaur costume from My Dinosaurs Company is a full-size costume that completely hides your legs and arms, so no one will be able to tell who’s underneath. It will truly make you feel like you just escaped from a prehistoric world.


Walking dinosaur costume


My best friend and I had a blast wearing our dinosaur costumes at Halloween parties this year. We would show up about twenty minutes late and scratch the front door with our T. rex arms. When someone opened the door, we’d roar and stomp through the crowd with our tails swinging. The expressions on people’s faces were priceless! If our friends tried to talk to us, we just roared in response and towered over them. Our dinosaur costumes covered us completely and no one had a clue it was us. It was amazing.

There are so many exciting trends for creative costumes this year, but the My Dinosaurs dinosaur costume is truly one of the most thrilling ones out there. If you’re looking for a way to impress a crowd by transforming into a realistic prehistoric beast, this dinosaur costume can’t be beaten.