20 Gifts You Can Give Your Kids if They Love Dinosaur

Most of the kids go through a phase when they get obsessed with dinosaurs, and that is quite normal. After all, you can‘t blame the kids alone when even the adults can’t resist the dinosaurs. Usually kids are so stunned by these ancient animals that they wish to see them live but they can’t, they get all the more obsessed. There is a lot of different dinosaur merchandise available on the market. If your kid is one of that crazy dinosaur fan then, you can try to gift some of these to your kids. To help you out, we have made a list consisting of different dinosaur items that you can gift to your kid.


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  • Dinopedia: This is an ideal gift for those kids who are a bit on the nerd side. The book consists of colorful pictures and texts, so the kids will find it interesting to read it. It’s a great way to increase their knowledge as well.
  • Dig A Dino-T-Rex:By the name, you can very well figure out that it’s a dinosaur digging set where you will have to dig out the bones of a T-Rex. The set comes with a T-Rex skeleton that can be assembled and re-assembled.


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  • Dinosaur Dig Tool:This is a complete set of digging tools that is ideal for digging up dinosaur bones from your backyard. The set comes with scraper, mirror, brush, pincers and a long magnet/pointer.
  • Jumbo Dinosaur Puzzle:You see puzzles games are never out of fashion. You can always gift a dinosaur puzzle to a kid, and he/she is sure to love it.
  • Velociraptor Claws:Well, this is one of the fun items that you can gift to a kid. You can wear these claws and pretend to be a ferocious dinosaur on the hunt.
  • T-Rex Stuffed Animal:Stuffed toys are loved by every kid. So if, your kid is fond of dinosaurs then, you can gift him/her a stuffed T-Rex which looks very adorable.
  • Dinosaur Bingo:Well dinosaur bingo is a game in which the kids have to identify the names of the different dinosaurs. This is not only fun, but it will also brush up their general knowledge.
  • Dinosaur Figures: There are these small dinosaur figures available which are either made of plastic or rubber. These serve as great play toys for the kids so; you can gift them a set of these dinosaur figures.
  • Real Life Dinosaur Figure:Other than the small dinosaur figures, you will also get these life-size dinosaur figures which are a bit more expensive than the small ones, but it is worth a shot if, your kid is a dinosaur fan. Speaking of life-size dino figures, you can go for this model My Dino-N30-09 Realistic Full-Size Animatronics Dinosaur of Dinosaur Park.
  • Dinosaur Building Kit: This is a play set where you are required to build up dinosaurs with the help of the provided pieces. It is an entertaining and educating game so you should try it out with your kid.
  • Dinosaur Robot: This may be the most expensive item on the list, but these dinosaur robots can walk and move like a robot and can even make sounds. This is one of the best gift items that you can get for your kid.

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  • Dinosaur Stamp Set:There are also these dinosaur stamp sets available out there which comprises of many colorful dinosaur stamps which you can stick wherever you want. It’s a nice colorful item that you can gift your kid.
  • Dinosaur Movie DVDs: You can also gift your kid a set of animated dinosaur movies and watch it with them to have a good time. There are plenty of animated dinosaur movies available out there.
  • Dinosaur Costume:Another interesting thing that you can consider gifting to your kid is the dinosaur costume. There are a variety of different designs of dinosaur costumes available in the market for you to choose from.

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  • Dinosaur Bag Pack:If your kid is a school going one then, you can always think of gifting him/her a dinosaur printed school backpack which he/she will proudly flaunt in the school.
  • Dinosaur Punching Bag:Dino punching bag is yet another great item that you can gift to your kid. They come in different sizes and are usually adorable.
  • Dinosaur Inflatable:If you can’t store a life-size dinosaur figure at your place for space issues then, you can get dinosaur inflatables. When not in use, they can be deflated and stored away safely.
  • Dinosaur Toy:There are varieties of dinosaur toys available in the market. Get the one you like the best for your kid.
  • Dinosaur Soap: Some soaps are either shaped like dinosaurs or have dinosaurs engraved on it. This is a perfect gift item for the kids who hate taking a bath but are big time dinosaur fans. At least these dinosaur shaped soaps will lure them to the bathroom.
  • Dinosaur T-Shirts: Lastly, we have the dinosaur t-shirts on our list. Dinosaur printed t-shirts are available for both kids and adults so; you can twin with your kid wearing the same thing as him/her.

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So, here are some of the items that you can gift to your kids if, they are a big dinosaur fan. All the products that are listed on this list are unique and interesting. These products are mainly made for the kids, and thus, it is guaranteed that they will love it. If you are a parent, you can pick up some for your kids; and if you are running a dinosaur-themed park or museum, you can also open a store selling things listed above!