133th Canton Fair 2023 Guangzhou China



It’s been three years, and we finally met again!

Canton Fair

This Canton Fair is the first offline exhibition we have participated in after three years of the epidemic. In the past three years, we have produced a lot of new products and improved our technology and services. We attended the Canton Fair with great excitement and enthusiasm, met many old friends, and made a lot of new friends.

133th Canton Fair 2023 Guangzhou China

For this show, we brought an animatronic T-rex, a baby dinosaur hand puppet, and a talking tree. Different from the dinosaurs we made before, this time we brought a dinosaur with half skin and half bone, which is very special; you can clearly see its internal bones and internal organs, which is very suitable for education and exhibition. At our booth, you can also see Grandpa Tree in cartoons, holding a book with glasses, and telling a story. However, there is no doubt that the hand puppet is the most popular superstar. People think he’s so cute. Little he lies in people’s arms, blinking his eyes, opening his mouth, and barking, very vividly.

133th Canton Fair 2023 Guangzhou China 3

Among the many toys and animatronics, our products are one of the most popular. They can move, they can make sounds, they can interact with people, That’s very interesting. We got a lot of praise. Flexible movements, vivid sounds, soft touches, they all seem to run out of a movie. Many customers will ask: Is this true?

Canton Fair 134th

So what will “run” out of the movie at the next Canton Fair? Let’s look forward to it!