10 Fascinating Dinosaur Facts You May Not Know

Everyone was once attracted to dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are very mysterious creatures and we may never truly understand them. However, there are indeed some unknown secrets about dinosaurs. How deep do you know about the dinosaurs and their life in the Mesozoic Era? Below, you will find 10 basic facts about dinosaurs.


  1. Tyrannosaurus Rex cannot actually roar

There is no evidence that dinosaurs have larynx or syrinx. Without these organs, dinosaurs cannot make any squeaks. However, like other dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus rex is likely to be buzzing, and even resembling crocodile and snake sounds. But they are still very scary creatures.


  1. Velociraptors areactually only as large as a turkey

It’s a pity that Jurassic Park is just a lie. Velociraptors are only about 3 feet tall and are between 5 and 6 feet long. However, scientists believe that these dinosaurs can jump as high as about 12 feet, which makes up for their body shape defects.


  1. No dinosaur can fly or swim

This is yet another lie in the Jurassic world. Flying pterosaurs and swimming ichthyosaurs have a close relationship with dinosaurs, but scientists do not think they are dinosaurs. However, the more advanced carnivorous dinosaurs eventually grew feathers and evolved into birds. So strictly speaking, dinosaurs still exist today!


  1. Dinosaurs are not the largest animals on earth

Although Argentinosaurus is the largest terrestrial animal on the planet, this dinosaur is still smaller than the blue whale.


  1. Large dinosaurs tend to have smaller heads

Larger dinosaurs are usually herbivores because these dinosaurs do not need to prey or protect themselves from predators. They do not need a large brain to maintain them. Therefore, predators usually have larger brains and heads. The hordes of dinosaurs also have bigger brains because they need to communicate with each other.


  1. A complete Tyrannosaurus skeleton has 200 bones

This is almost equal to the number of bones in the human skeleton, which is 206 bones. So, when you are frustrated, remember that you are basically as strong as Tyrannosaurus Rex.


  1. Some states in the United States also have their own dinosaurs

All states have fossils that represent their state, some of which are dinosaurs such as Colorado, Columbia, Maryland, Missouri, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wyoming. For example, the dinosaurs in Wyoming are Triceratops.


  1. The skull of the Triceratops is the largest of all land animals

The skull of the Triceratops can have up to 10 feet in length! Can you imagine what it would be like to be with these animals?


  1. A scientist is trying to bring back dinosaurs

Hans Larsson tried to use chickens to bring back the dinosaurs and reactivate the dormant reptile genes. So far, he has been able to develop chicken embryos with teeth and long tails associated with reptiles. Maybe one day we can have a  “chickenosaurus” as a pet.


  1. Dinosaurs are not extinct at the same time

When the meteor struck the Yucatan Peninsula 65 million years ago, that huge fireball did not immediately burn all the dinosaurs on earth. With the global temperature drop, lack of sunlight and the resulting lack of vegetation, the food chain has undergone profound changes from the bottom up. The process of extinction of entire species lasted for hundreds of years or even thousands of years. Some isolated dinosaur populations are isolated in some remote corners of the world and may live longer than their siblings.