10 Dinosaur Books for Kids

Dinosaurs have been fascinating youngsters for many years. Whether it’s that dinosaurs are a bit of a mystery or just because they’re cool, children of all ages love them. One of the best ways for little ones to both learn and be entertained is through dinosaur books. There is a multitude of great options and resources available for this purpose.

Dinosaur books are wonderful for story time on their own but if you want to add a dose of creativity and magic, consider using dinosaur puppets or even dinosaur costumes. These can be a perfect visual aid, which will help to engage the children more into the story. And let’s face it, little ones get more excited about characters they can touch and feel (or even hug).

Listed below are some great recommendations on books that would pair well with dinosaur costumes or puppets.


10 Dinosaur Books for Kids

1. Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs (National Geographic)


Perfect for a classroom or library setting, this book teaches about what dinosaurs ate and how they lived. Children can get involved by choosing their favorite dinosaur and acting out what they think that dino did all day.

Author: Catherine D. Hughes

2. If the Dinosaurs Came Back


This is a fun classic that teaches the names and proper pronunciation of over 20 dinosaurs. It explores entertaining things dinosaurs might do in our modern world if they were around today.

Author: Bernard Most

3. Dinosaur Encore


With fold-out flaps to help make comparisons between dinosaurs and animals that are alive now, this book is interactive and informative.

Author: Patricia Mullins


4. Dinosaurs Before Dark


Dinosaurs Before Dark focuses on the Cretaceous period, teaching young readers about dinos from the T-Rex to the triceratops and many in between.

Author: Mary Pope Osborne


5. If You Happen to Have a Dinosaur


This book explores humorous tasks you could use a dinosaur for if only you had one available. Would you use a dino as a can opener, a burglar alarm, or an umbrella? Spark the imaginations of children with this funny story.

Author: Linda Bailey


6. No T-Rex in the Library


Featuring a little girl who has trouble behaving in the library, join Tess on an adventure where a T-rex pops right out of the pages of a book! Find out if she can get the dinosaur under control before it’s too late.

Author: Toni Buzzeo


7. Are the Dinosaurs Dead, Dad?


A boy and his father visit a museum where the child wants to know if the dinosaurs are really gone. The father is certain that they are, but his son is not so sure. This story gives readers a glimpse at the belief of a child and why parents should listen to their children.

Author: Julie Middleton


8. Dinotopia: A Land Apart from Time


This long-beloved story takes young readers back in time to a world where dinosaurs and people lived together. Written as an illustrated journal, the main character describes dinosaur hatcheries where humans care for baby dinos and many other unique, thrilling adventures.

Author: James Gurney


9. Dinosaurs for Kids

In this factual book, learn about where dinosaurs lived, how dino tracked and bone beds were made, and get a look inside a dinosaur egg. Children will be informed and entertained by the true history of these beloved, extinct creatures.

Author: Ken Ham


10. Dinosaur A to Z

This fact-filled, engaging book features a different dinosaur for each letter of the alphabet. Children learn how big each dinosaur was as well as interesting information on dino claws, spikes, and razor-sharp teeth.

Author: Simon Mugford
Any one of these books would be a perfect opportunity to incorporate puppets or costumes to help the stories and facts come to life. These realistic dinosaur puppets or these life-like costumes are suitable for all types of story time events. Schools, bookstores, classrooms and libraries can use these engaging props to connect with children and encourage them to open up their imaginations in new, exciting ways.