10 Amazing Animatronic Dragons

Dragons have existed in folklore for hundreds of years and have been treasured within our hearts for just as long so it’s no wonder why we at My Dinosaurs want to share our dragon knowledge and our fiery passion for these fascinating winged-beasts through the creation of animatronic dragons like the ones listed below.

First up is the ADD-018 Giant Animatronic Roaring Dragon, a life-sized seafoam green dragon which towers over those in its domain with the pride you’d expect from a creature with such a regal crown of spikes and sharp ebony claws. This fiberglass beast will breathe smoke and spit water at any mortals who dare challenge it!




Next, we have the ADD-009 High-Quality Customized Animatronic Flying Dragon, a frostbitten dragon of the tundra who sits perched on its stones, roaring and flaring its wings menacingly to all who would get in its way. Hand-painted and ferocious, this dragon would be the perfect addition to any attraction.




If you want a dragon forged from flames, look no further than the life-sized ADD-006 Scary Animatronic Dragon with LED Lighting Eyes. With its charred crimson body, this beast roars and splays its wings as it thrashes its tail at any who dare gaze upon such a prideful creature.




Perhaps you want a cute baby whelp of your own. The emerald green ADD-026 Magical Animatronic Dragon Eggs should fit the bill. These little guys are still nuzzled inside their polka dotted eggs but are already looking for adventure.




Unsure where you could fit a whole dragon? Try the ADD-015 Waterproof Attractive Animatronic Dragons on for size. Appearing as if emerging from a fiery pit, these black-horned animatronic dragons snarl menacingly when they catch sight of passersby.




Some dragons work within the spirit realm, and so it can be common to see them phase between worlds like the ADD-016 Life Size Fiberglass Dragon Model. With just its forest-green tail visible, we don’t know where this dragon’s headed, but it’ll definitely catch your eye as it goes.



Maybe you don’t want a dragon. How about a wyvern? Wyverns represent war and envy and are a sign of strength for those who possess it. The ADD-028 Customized Realistic Fire Animatronic Dragon breathes smoke and rears back on its hind legs to roar mightily at those who intrude upon its lair, a perfect defender and mighty attraction.




If a one-headed dragon is excellent, then a three-headed hydra will be legendary. The winged ADD-014 Theme Park Animatronic Mythical Triple Headed Dragon sits atop its perch, its three dark, mossy green heads surveying its land like a noble ruler. What one head might miss will be caught by the other two, so it’s best to only revel in its glory and leave any treasure alone.




Finally, you can let your love of dragons take to the air with the ADD-035 Mini Golf Decoration Flying Dragon Statue. Hung from the ceiling, this beast will reign over your mini golf course with its powerful wingspan of 10 meters. Its murky brown body and reddish leathery wings will surely catch the eye of those who can only look on in awe as it soars at such a majestic height.